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Tartaric Acid in Skin Care

        Tartaric acid is actually a derivative of grapes. Tartaric is not one of the more common acids, generally speaking, most people don't really hear about tartaric. It's not one of the chemicals that you're generally going to find, as doing it by itself. Tartaric's usually mixed in with other acids, and usually has like buffers in there and whatnot. But, tartaric is going to be used the same way as glycolic, and it's not really used for any certain condition, because it usually is going to be mixed in with other chemicals and your home care regimen. So, that being said, basically what you do, probably don't use that much, but you're going to apply it the same way that you did the glycolic. Keep in mind, that you want to apply it to the skin after you've cleansed and toned your skin at home. Apply the tartaric. Leave it on for a minute. Let it penetrate into your skin before you apply any of your moisturizers or any other products, thereafter. Once you've let it dry for a minute, then you can actually apply your moisturizers and whatnot, over the top. And this again, keep in mind, this is a home care treatment, so you do not have to rinse it off. You can just actually layer other products over the top. So, that being said, that is the second alpha hydroxy acid, and that is tartaric.