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How to Change Tartaric Acid to Racemic Acid

        Tartaric acid is found in grapes and other foods and gives the fruit a slightly tart flavor. Racemic acid is a mixture of two separate forms of tartaric acid. The two forms are said to be chiral, which means that their molecules are exact mirror images of each other like left and right hands. Louis Pasteur discovered this property of tartaric acid while working with a residue called argol that is left inside wine barrels after the fermentation of wine. Chemistry students sometimes create racemic acid as a laboratory exercise regarding chiral molecules.
        1. Measure out equal amounts by weight of L-type (laevo-) tartaric acid and D-type (dextro-) tartaric acid using a scientific scale.
        2. Dissolve the measured amount of L-type tartaric acid in distilled water in a glass beaker, stirring with a glass rod. Dissolve the measured amount of D-type tartaric acid in an equal amount of distilled water in a separate glass beaker in the same way.
        3. Pour both solutions into a third glass beaker and stir well. The two separate types of tartaric acid molecules will unite and produce heat. When they are united, the substance is referred to as racemic acid.

Tips: You can let the solution of racemic acid dry because the water is only the medium of the acid. When all the water evaporates, the crystals left behind are still racemic acid. The two chiral forms of any substance are said to be isomers or enantiomers of the same chemical compound. You can buy food-grade tartaric acid from us. It is also used in cheesemaking and as an antioxidant additive in many foods.