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Production and Market of Sodium Gluconate in China

        China is one of the largest production and consumption bases of sodium gluconate around the world. Driven by strong demand from construction industry, China's sodium gluconate industry has experienced rapid development in the past few years. Total output in 2009 has jumped to 334,000 tonnes from 112,000 tonnes in 2005, with CAGR of 33.14% in 2005-2009.
        The Europe Union has made its final ruling of the anti-dumping case on sodium gluconate from China on July 30, 2010, which is not a good signal for domestic sodium gluconate manufacturers. What challenges would China's sodium gluconate manufacturers meet? What the true purpose of this policy released by the Europe Union? How many sodium gluconate from China has been exported to the EU market in recent years? And what are the existing policies on this industry?
        Corn starch and glucose are the most important raw materials for China's sodium gluconate manufacturers. China's sodium gluconate industry faces a huge pressure from increasing cost of raw materials this year, especially that of corn starch and glucose. What caused the rise in raw material cost in China? What the future strategies of sodium gluconate manufacturers in different regions in the near future? Which raw material would be more popular?
        Shanhong Chemical with capacity of 100,000t/a of SG has greatly changed domestic competition landscape of this industry by its entrance since 2009. What the detailed performance of the company's sodium gluconate business in recent years? What challenges other sodium gluconate in China face? How many manufacturers engaged in this industry?
        Besides, SH also provides the insight on the following key issues in this report:
- Consumption pattern of sodium gluconate in China
- Differences between the two major production technologies in China
- Future opportunity for new investors in China