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Count 8 Kinds of Food to Benefit for Drunk People

        After the drink, how to relieve headache, dizziness, nausea, fever these unpleasant symptom? Researchers recently found that 8 kinds of food can treat above symptoms with good results.
1. Honey can treat drink headache.
Honey contains a special fructose which can promote decomposition of alcohol absorption, relieve migraine symptoms, especially headache caused by wine. In addition, honey also has hypnotic effect which can bring people to sleep soon and won't have a headache the next day.
2. Fresh grape can treat drink stomach and nausea.
Grape contains a wealth of tartaric acid. It can form ester compounds with ethanol in the wine to reach disintoxication purpose. If you eat it before drinking, also has effect in preventing drunk.
3. Watermelon juice can treat body heat after drinking.
Watermelon juice can be heat-clearing and reduce internal heat, allow alcohol quickly with urine excreted.
4. Grapefruit can eliminate alcohol breath.
It can be found that eating grapefruit with sugar can play an important role in eliminating alcohol breath.
5. Celery juice can treat gastrointestinal discomfort after drinking.
This is because that the celery is rich in vitamin B and this can break down alcohol.
6. Yoghurt can treat irritability after drinking.
Yogurt can protect gastric mucosa, slow down alcohol absorption and yogurt is rich in calcium to ease irritability effectively.
7. Banana can treat palpitation and chest tightness after drinking.
Eat some bananas after drinking can increase blood glucose levels and reduce the proportion of alcohol in the blood to reach disintoxication purpose. At the same time, it can also eliminate symptoms such as palpitations, chest tightness and so on.
8. Olive can treat anorexia after drinking.
Olive has been the good medicine of soberring people up, clearance stomach hot, stimulate one's appetite. It can be ate directly or served with crystal sugar soup.