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What Are Zotz?

        Zotz® are hard candies that have a unique powder filling that causes them to fizz when bitten into. The fizzy center of Zotz® candies also is quite sour, making the experience of eating one exciting, to say the least. These candies can sometimes be hard to find, but anyone who has trouble tracking down Zotz® but has a hankering for some can try online candy retailers. They also can be ordered directly from the manufacturer.

Fizzing Candy
        These candies were introduced in 1968, a few years before Pop Rocks®, another famous fizzing candy. Inside the seemingly quiescent hard candy shell of a Zotz®, there is a powder that reacts with moisture, frothing up and creating a fizzy sensation. The manufacturers also seized upon the idea of making the power extremely sour and providing an assortment of flavors. Many people who grew up in the 1970s probably remember being the victims of practical jokes involving Zotz®.

Made in Italy
        These candies are made by an Italian company, G.B. Ambrosoli, in six flavors: cherry, lemon, orange, watermelon, grape and sour apple. Zotz® typically come in strings of individually packaged candies, and depending on the packaging, an assortment of flavors might be included, or a string might be all one flavor. Like many candies, Zotz® are extremely shelf-stable; as long as they are not exposed to moisture, excessive heat or excessive cold, they should keep for an extended period of time. Along with sugar, corn syrup and artificial colors and flavors, their ingredients include malic acid, sodium bicarbonate and tartaric acid.

Devoted Fans
        The history of Zotz® and candy in America in general is quite interesting. The American candy world is dominated by a handful of manufacturers that have extensive distribution networks, so small-time candy companies sometimes have difficulty getting their product to consumers. This is complicated by slotting fees — fees that many chain stores require companies to pay to carry their products. As a result, candies such as Zotz® are typically available only in independently owned stores that have a focus on less-well-known products and old fashioned candies.

        For the nostalgic of heart, the homogenization of the American candy industry might be a source of sadness. It makes it challenging for small candy companies to be successful, and startups often have a difficult time. Old-fashioned candies constantly disappear from the market because of the pressure of the candy industry, but some treats, such as Zotz® have been able to endure because of their novelty factor and devoted fans.