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Wine Diamond and Tartaric Acid

        For veteran drinks, will hear "wine diamonds" this thing, and you see this at the beginning, is mistaken for glasses broken, dare not drink, and even complained to the seller ask for replacement.
        "Wine diamonds" is in fact natural crystalline product, usually in inner wall of wine bottles of oak appears at the bottom. If you are more careful when buying, in the bottle "wine diamonds" is to be seen by the naked eye, for purposes of drinking, "wine diamonds" do no harm. Usually with a funnel to pour tea, will be able to completely "wine diamonds" in addition to insulation.
        What is "Wine diamonds"? The answer is the crystallization of tartaric acid and potassium. Like tartaric acid and Malic acid, say the main acid in wine sauce, usually Apple Sour Green Apple-like to a sharp sour taste, but acid tartrate, are fresh and solid, fruits are less common in General of tartaric acid. Therefore, tartaric acid is unique within the grape fruit, accounted for half of mature grapes and its contents, it can also be said is a major sour wine.
        Tartaric acid in wide industrial uses, are usually in the cool drinks add, to add a sour taste. In addition, the material of making bread, more than one seat. As for wine produced in warm regions, also being constructed into tartaric acid as an artificial acid, and tartaric acid production, is produced by the brewing wine sideline.
        Different wines of the tartaric acid concentration is also different, however, because easily combined with metallic potassium tartrate, forming potassium tartrate, this is difficult to dissolve in alcohol liquid, so in the brewing process, is released in advance, and have been quarantined before into the bottle. Therefore, when buying wine, has seen "wine diamonds" opportunity to reduce substantially.
        "Wine diamonds" genuine was found, instead of within the fermenter, potassium tartrate is easier to dissolve in water, but more difficult to dissolve in the wine, you know, originally pressed grape juice does not contain alcohol, so more content at this time. But adding benzene in alcohol fermentation process, the yeast bacteria, high alcohol content, potassium tartrate is released inside or precipitation accumulation in fermentation tank at the bottom.
        Remove the wine after the fermentation tank liquid, similarly, will gradually release some "wine diamonds". Drink politicians in order to avoid being mistaken for that of broken glass, hence prior to bottling will be dropped in advance, usually within two or three weeks before in bottling wine in ten degrees below zero temperature in storage, aimed at low temperatures was released by tartaric acid crystallization, then article source Huaxia liquor filters clear. However, some of the smaller wineries do not have extra funds for the purchase of sophisticated equipment, so instead of joining in the wine "wine diamonds" to be as "strengthening" the core, so that would have been dissolved in the liquid potassium tartrate is pulling out.
        But in any case, the "wine diamonds" has been more difficult to see, but not impossible, for example Germany MOSEL wines it is more easy to see "wine diamonds", often "wine diamonds" appeared in white wines, red wines of tartaric acid and potassium are easily combined with tannins, into another precipitate.