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The Application of Sodium Gluconate In Construction Industry

        Concrete is a combination of materials, which are made from cement, aggregates, admixtures and water. Concrete are the largest number of materials among all the artificial manufactures. Three-quarters of concrete are grain materials, however, the most active component is the slurry. The feature of the performance of concrete depends largely on the feature of cement. Concrete admixture agent can provide a useful role in some, such as to accelerate the solidification, solidification delay, the existence of the air bubble, reduce the increase in consumption of plastic and so on. At the same time, usually in the cement admixture of several agents, the admixture of different agents in a number of applications can be mutually reinforcing.
        Sodium gluconate is generally used alone, but also combined with other retarder such as phosphate of carbohydrates in use. Sodium gluconate is a crystalline powder and is produced in the properly controlled conditions This compound is a pure chemical and non-corrosive, whose quality is constant.This is a feature that it can guarantee the application of reliable and reproducible results.