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Sodium Gluconate Industry in China

        Recently, domestic professional market research Ximei information published research report of China sodium gluconate industry, sodium gluconate as a emerging industry, market needs is very large, EU newly introduced on China sodium gluconate industry export of anti-dumping sanctions, two Enterprise in China cooperate with investigation, which Shandong Kaisheng still get MET, rates for 5.6%; Qingdao section Sea still gat IT, rates by early conference of 27.3% slightly cut for 27.1%; other enterprise rates for by early Conference of 53.4% Slightly downgraded to 53.2%. EU launched anti-dumping investigations to above-mentioned product on August 11, 2009. May 4, 2010 Conference early imposition of the provisional anti-dumping measures, impact exports to Europe US $ 5.88 million. Report focuses on EU and domestic policies on China's influence of sodium gluconate.
        Report displayed that sodium gluconate price recently years has been comparison stability, main by raw materials corn starch and the sucrose price of effects; sucrose is competitive alternative products of glucose, sucrose price's fluctuations will has serious of shock for manufacturing enterprises to procurement glucose for production raw materials of sodium gluconate. This year corn and sucrose price rally obviously, thus pull high ex-factory price of sodium gluconate recently several months. Also due to sodium gluconate mainly used in cement plus agent, so sodium gluconate price also fluctuate seasonally. In the summer season consumption is higher than in other seasons. Between August RMB 5000-5200 per ton, the average quotation.