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Nearly 5,000 Years Brewing Wine History At Rizhao

        Wine is the current favorite Chinese dinner, and archaeological research shows that Chinese wine history can be traced back to the 4,600 years ago in the Neolithic age. When people already know how to use rice, honey and fruit wine, bryony.
        According to the Sino-US joint archaeological teams in two urban areas in Rizhao, Shandong province, according to a new research report, through chemical analysis of pottery unearthed in the area, detecting residual components of the wine. Experts point out that tartaric acid or tartaric acid salt composition Herald in the late Neolithic, two people in urban areas have begun to use as yeast for brewing of grape blend.
        In 1995, the Archaeological Institute of Shandong University and United States some archaeologists have established a joint archaeological teams start 20 km North-East from Rizhao regional system for investigation of the two towns.
        Members of the archaeological team, Oriental Institute of archaeology, Hui Fang, a Professor of Shandong University said the findings refute the views of wine were parked. "Academia generally agree that wine is of Central Asian origin, in the 2nd century BC came to China. In this era than we detected in two city region of mixed wine about 2000 years later. ”
        He said wine raw materials in Central Asia is the artificial cultivation of the Eurasian grape variety, and blend in in two city parts more like bryony as local ingredients. In the ruins, archaeological team has excavated remains of a grape seed, more than 200 pieces of pottery found around it, there are 7 artifacts on the inner wall of residues containing wine. Archaeological team in ceramic pots such as cooking appliances discovered wine residue. Experts speculated that in the late Neolithic age ancients may have learned to cook with wine and cooking some food.
        Hui Fang said, beeswax hydrocarbons detected in pottery indicates that ancient Neolithic period started adding honey to increase the taste of wine, this thousands of years earlier than the year of historical records. According to the records of the Tahan and dictionary, honey drink originated in China during the warring States period, while rice and honey together as a beverage in the Tang dynasty.
        Many peoples are particularly for wine in the world clock. In addition to personal taste, a wine is often also in occasions such as banquets, sacrifice, with a connotation of public decency. "But scholars have long neglected to research on the consumption of wine as well as wine in ancient China," said Luan Fengshi, Director of archaeological research center of Shandong University.
        "The survey through the lining of the apparatus for chemical analysis, we have reason to believe that living in the two towns, the ancients have drink together in the party conventions, but also used alcohol and wine in funeral activities," said Luan Fengshi.