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The Production of Tartaric Acid

        L-tartaric acid is widely existed in fruit, especially grapes. It is the cheapest active tartaric acid and is usually called natural tartaric acid. In industry, the mainly even only origin of L tartaric acid is a natural product. The byproduct during the production of grape wine-tartar can be produced into L-tartaric acid. Italy is the largest country in the world to produce L-tartaric acid. It is mainly because of Italy's large scale of grape wine.
        D-tartaric acid is rarely seen in natural product. A plant in West Africa is with the highest content of D-tartaric acid.
        Tartaric acid in industry is produced by hydrogen peroxide and maleic anhydride. China and South Africa are the major production countries.
        The major usage of tartaric acid is as drinking addictive and other food products, like grape wind, soft drinks, candies, bread and other sweets. It is also widely used in drug industry.
        Tartaric acid is also the raw material of sodium potassium tartrate.
        Tartaric acid is the first food acidulant to be used in significant quantities although its use has now been mostly replaced by citric acid. The largest only application for tartaric acid is as a raw material for the production of the emulsifiers of bread improvers.
        Tartaric acid can be manufactured by natural and synthetic methods. The natural route involves the recovery of tartaric acid from wine. The synthetic route involves the chemical reactions of maleic anhydride.
        An important salt of tartaric acid, potassium hydrogen tartrate (or cream of tartar), can also be used as an acidulant for baking bread and sugar confectionery.