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Tartaric Acid and Wine Diamond

        Experienced connoisseurs must have heard of "wine diamond". While when you first see it, you may think it's a broken glass. You don't dare to drink it and even ask for exchange from the sellers.
        "Wine Diamond" is actually a natural crystalline material. If you are careful enough, you may see it with your eyes when you buy it.
        What is "wine diamond"? The answer is the crystallization of tartaric acid and potassium. Like malic acid, tartaric acid is the major acid in wine juice. Malic acid is usually with a sharp taste of acid while the taste of tartaric acid is fresh but firm. There is rarely tartaric acid to be found in other plants. Therefore, tartaric acid is unique and exclusive to grapes. It occupies 50 percent of the ripe grapes. It is thus the major acid of grape wine.
        Tartaric acid is widely used in industry. It is usually added to refreshing drinks to strengthen the sour taste. Besides, it is also a very important and necessary material to produce bread. For grade wine produced in warm areas, tartaric acid is added by people to strengthen the sour taste. The production of tartaric acid results from the production of grape wine.
        Different wines contain different concentration of tartaric acid. However, since tartaric acid can easily react with potassium and become potassium tartrate, which is hardly soluble in alcohol, tartaric acid is usually released in advance when produce the wine. It is isolated before entering into the bottle. Therefore, it largely cut the opportunity to see "wine diamond" when buy grape wine.