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Information About Tartrates

        White wine and red wine can easily become crystal when go through sharp temperature change, especially after suffering from cold in winter. The crystal is actually the crystal of tartrates. It belongs to wine itself and naturally exists in the grapes. It is the combination product of tartaric acid and potassium. It needs three kinds of acids in the production of wine. They are tartaric acid, malic acid and citric acid. They paly a very important role in the wine's color and the balance of the sweet taste and bitter taste. Half of the tartaric acid in the wine is independent and half exists as tartrates.
        Generally speaking, tartrates dissolve in the wine. While if the storage environment changes, especially when the temperature is below zero degree or even lower, tartrates can be easily separated out. At first it is floc and then becomes crystal. The volume of these crystals are different. Sometimes they can be as big as rubies.
        We all know that tartaric acid is animate. On of the meanings to say so is that after the grapes are produced into wines, itself changes with the change of time and environment. Tartrates can be separated out with pigments, so in red wine, the crystal is red while in white wine, the crystal is colorless due to its less content of pigment.
        Tartrates have not any harm to our body. It it contained in many kinds of fruits such as tomatoes, oranges and so on. If there are tartrates in grape wine, you can remove them by changing a bottle. It has little influence on its taste. The best way to avoid tartrates is to store the wine at a stable temperature or just drink them. There are no better ways than this currently.