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Liquid Chromatograph Detect the Rang of Application of DL Malic Acid

        Malic Acid is a kind of new food acidulant. Currently, it is gradually replace citric acid in the elderly and children's food. It is an organic acid essential to human body. Malic acid is also an ideal food additives with low calorie. Malic acid can be widely used in the following industries:
        The application of malic acid in food industry. When 50% L-malic acid used together with 20% citric acid, there will be a strong natural fruit flavor. Beverages formulated by DL-malic acid is thirst-quenching and refreshing, with a little sour taste of apple, very close to natural fruit juice. Malic acid can also be used in candies, jam, jelly, margarin, wines and chewing gum. As acidulant, its acidity is not as strong as citric acid but it can last long. Malic acid and replace and is especially suitable for using in jelly and fruit products.
        The application of malic acid in medical industry. Adding malic acid in all kinds of tablets and syrups will endue them with a fruit taste. Malic acid can also facilitate human body's absorption for the drugs.
        The application of malic acid in daily chemical industry. Zinc malate can be used as antibacterium agent in toothpaste. It can also be used to produce vermicides.
        The application of malic acid in chemical industry. DL-malic acid can also be used as industrial cleaning agent, resin curing agent, synthetic materials plasticizer and as the raw material of optical brightener.