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Malic Acid can Help Losing Weight

        There is a very popular weight loss product in the market, wich is called L-carnitine. Some professors point out that if L-carnitine is taken together with malic acid, assisted by reasonable exercises, the weight loss effectiveness will be more obvious. Then what is L-carnitine and malic acid? Why do they have so magic effectivity?
        L-carnitine is a kind of amino acid that can transform fat into energy. Red meats are the major food sources of carnitine. It's a kind of material synthesized in human body, so it has no harm on human.
        Malic acid is an essential component of natural fruit juices. Compared with citric acid, it has stronger acidity but the taste is soft and with a special flavor. It have no bad effect on the mouth and teeth. Besides, it is conducive to the absorption of amino acids on the metabolism and does not accumulate fat. Because of its special position in the material's metabolic pathway, malic acid can be directly involved in human metabolism and be directly absorbed by the body through the gastrointestinal tract. The normal operation of metaboly can help various nutrients smoothly decompose and promote food absorption and metabolism in the human body. Therefore, it can be effective in preventing obesity and play a role in weight loss while is difficult to rebound.
        The combination of malic acid and L-carnitine is regarded as Golden Combination. Why? First, malic acid can control appetite and promote other food absorption in the human body metabolism. Itself is low in calories, but it can promote the absorption of other nutrients, so you will not feel hungry. Therefore, gormandizing after weight loss will seldom occur. Second, L-carnitine can burn body fat. Taking L-carnitine a few days , you will feel very energetic and love sports. This indicates that your body is quietly burning fat and distributing calories, even when you are meditating and sleeping. Weight loss in sleep is thus achieved.