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Acids in the Production of Wine---Malic Acid

        Like tartaric acid, malic acid is one of the major organic acids in grapes. It can be found in almost all the fruits and berries. But green apple contains the most of them. Its name is from Latin. When the grapes are still growing, malic acid takes part in its growth and protects the health of the grapes.
        Its chemical mechanism enables malic acid to react with enzymes and then transport heat in grape trees. The content of malic acid is also determined by grape. The content of malic acid in grape berries is the highest, up to 20g/L. When the grapes get ripe, malic acid will be gradually consumed. When the grapes are picked up, the content of malic acid will fall to 1-9g/L. In temperate zone, the consumption of malic acid will be more significant.When malic acid is excessively consumed, it means the grapes are overripe or become old. At this time, wine makers should add acid in the production of wines.
        The content of malic acid will become lower during its fermentation into lactic acid. During the transformation, the bacteria will transform strong malic acid into mild lactic acid. The bacteria is coming from wine garden and the manufacture of oaken drums. Some bacteria is cultivated by the winemakers. In some wines, the transformation process from malic acid to lactic acid is very beneficial. Generally speaking, rede wine will proceed with fermentation more often than white wine.