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Calcium Gluconate

Molecular formula: C12H22CaO14 • H2O
Molecular weight: 448.38
CAS NO.: 299-28-5, 18016-24-5
White crystalline granules or powder. Calcium Gluconate is easily soluble in water (3.3% in water and 20% in hot water), but insoluble in ethanol. Calcium Gluconate could be dissolved together with calcium lactate.
Calcium Gluconate is the common source of baby calcium supplement, widely used in infant food, cereal and cereal product, health products, sports and milk beverage, high calcium concentrate, etc. Calcium Gluconate also could be as buffer and firming agent, used in fried food and pastries, to prevent oxidation and discoloration, and improve the sensory quality.

Standard: It conforms to the requirement of FCC, USP, BP.


Calcium Gluconate USP

Assay   %


Loss on drying  %


Reducing substances  %


Sulfate   %


Chloride %


Heavy metals  %


Arsenic (as As) %     

≤ 0.0002

Organic volatile impurities