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Potassium Tartrate

Scientific name: Potassium Bitartrate , 2.3-dihydroxyl succinic acid hydrogen potassium
Molecular formula: K2C4H4O6•1/2H2O
Molecular weigh: 235.28
CAS NO.: 921-53-9
Potassium Tartrate is colorless crystals or white crystal powders,lose water when heated to 155°C,specific gravity is 1.980,and decompose at 200~220°C. Almost not dissolving in ethanol , the Potassium Tartrate aqueous solution assumes minute acidity to litmus, and PH value is 7~9.
Potassium Tartrate is served as nalysis agent,and is used to prepare microorganism culture medium and pharmacy industry etc .

Specifications: Enterprise Standard (Tech grade)


Tech Grade

 Content ≥%




 Insoluble in water


 Chloride(Cl) ≤%


 Sulpahte(SO4) ≤%


 Phosphate ≤%


 Iron(Fe) ≤%


 Heavy metals(Pb) ≤%


Packing: 25kg complex bag.