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Zinc Gluconate

Molecular formular: C12H22O14Zn • 3H2O
Molecular weight: 509.69
CAS NO.: 4468-02-4
Zinc gluconate is easily soluble in water. One significant advantage of our product is low lead and low arsenic. They are both no more than 1ppm. It is organic zinc enhancer, so zinc gluconate can be easily absorbed in the body, and the absorption rate is high. Besides, it also has good solubility and almost no stimulation to intestines and stomach.
As zinc nutrition supplement, zinc gluconate is widely used in health food, medicine, etc. It is digested into zinc and glucose acid in vivo, which involves in all of the energy metabolism and the synthesis of RNA and DNA, thus can promote wound healing and growth.

Standard: Zinc gluconate conforms to the requirement of FCC, USP, BP.



Assay   %


Water  %




Sulfate   %


Chloride %


Reducing substances  %


Lead (as Pb) %     

≤ 0.001

Cadmium (as Cd) %

≤ 0.0005

Arsenic(as As) %

≤ 0.0003

Organic volatile impurities

Meets the requirement